North Texas Heidegger Symposium

Professor Richard Owsley
founded the North Texas
Heidegger Symposium in
1980, and hosted it for over
twenty years.

He also helped to develop the
Department of Philosophy and
Religious Studies at the
University of North Texas.

Although he retired in 1995,
he continued to teach and
participate in philosophical
discourse until shortly before
his death.

In December of 1999, Professor
Owsley was elected president
of the Karl Jaspers Society.
In April of 2000, he
delivered his last opening
address at the 20th Heidegger
Symposium, on "The Meaning
of Truth in Husserl and

Richard Owsley died on February 16, 2003, at the age of 79.

photo courtesy Robyn Lee


The conference is organized by the Dallas Area Seminar on European Inquiry (DASEIN). Contact Rod Coltman for further information.

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38th North Texas Heidegger Symposium
McKinney Performing Arts Center
McKinney, Texas
Friday and Saturday, April 28th and 29th, 2023

The 38th Heidegger Symposium is dedicated to the memory of

our dear friend and co-founder,

Professor Robert Wood of the University of Dallas


Scheduled Speakers:

Jim Bahoh, University of Memphis

Krzysztof Ziarek, University of Buffalo

Will McNeill, De Paul University

Sean Kirkland, De Paul University

Ted George, Texas A & M University

Charles Bambach, University of Texas , Dallas

Kate Davies, University of Texas, Dallas

Jessica Elkayam, Sam Houston State University

For information, please contact Rod Coltman (rod.coltman@gmail.com) or Charles Bambach (cbambach@utdallas.edu).

Updated Conference Schedule

The conference fee, from which we derive most of the income for the Symposium, will be $50.00 ($20.00 for students). 

Checks made out to "Heidegger Symposium" or "NTHS" may be sent to Rod Coltman, 311 North Waddill Street, McKinney, TX 75069

or, click the button below to join this year's campaign to support the Symposium at an appropriate level:


Because we may not have computer access during the conference, fees will be accepted at registration by check or in cash. Registration forms will be available at the conference.